Our natural, non-dyed, bark mulch is perfect for playground areas, perennial and wild flower beds, tree rings, and large border sites where premium mulch would not be as cost effective. The attractive light brown color of this rough-style mulch is achieved by frequent turning of the product as it ages for 4-6 months.

Sold by truckload.

Full Truckload (Bed measuring 6'x9'x4', approx. 4-5 yds.): $72.00*

1/2 Truckload (approx. 2-21/2 yds.) $36.00*

*plus tax

Delivery beyond 4 miles charged a mileage rate of $0.50 a mile to and from dropsite beginning at mile 5. 


Note: Our recommendation for this product is to apply in areas not bordering against a building. We will not dump in a location requiring us to drive over an area that may cause damage from the trucks.