Having a healthy tree to start is important, but so is continued care after it has been planted.  Our maintenance package includes: Yearly pruning, fertilizer and antitranspirant application.  

​Directional pruning is the process of removing selected branches to shape a tree or shrub while insuring it is structurally sound.  By thinning out unwanted growth the tree is "trained" to form a pleasing artistic appearance.  By maintaining this process the tree is able to fit where it is planted as it grows and matures and continues to be a focal point in the landscape.  

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Ornamental trees bring so much to any landscape design.  They provide structure, add color with their flowers and foliage, give privacy and shade, and even food and shelter for wildlife. Allowing our trees to mature as they undergo a directional pruning program creates beautiful trees with artistic forms ready to fit your landscape.  A top selection of our trees we have found to best shape to the flow of a landscape are posted here on our website.  If you are looking for a particular variety or would like assistance in selecting a tree for your landscape  please contact us and we will be happy to help.  

Ornamental Trees